Environmental education is at the core of everything we do.

We place environmental education at the centre of our work because it is one of the most important tools in our toolkit for addressing the interconnected ecological and social challenges of our times.

As highlighted by UNESCO, “Education, in short, is humanity’s best hope and most effective means in the quest to achieve sustainable development.”

Our Pillars​


Forest Restoration

Forest restoration projects are hands-on vehicles for environmental education activities.


Birds are windows to the natural world. They create meaningful environmental education experiences.

Trees planted and counting!

To make a big difference, we need your support.




It's not Giving Tuesday, but you can still feed two birds with one seed. Or plant two trees with one seed. Or feed a bird AND plant a tree with just one fruit since birds are seed dispersers, which means…

Nearly two years ago, I posted a blog with the title: “Question: ‘Is Finca Cántaros Environmental Association (FCEA) focused on birds?’ Answer: ‘Yes AND no! No AND yes!’”At the time, I was resistant to embracing birds as an official focus…

Why did I put the words “Festival” and “finished” in quotes?First of all, it wasn’t a traditional one-day festival, but a month-long series of fun and educational -series ofspaces for community members to come together and learn about—and take positive…

I recently sat aboard an “iron bird” headed south from Toronto, Canada to San José, Costa Rica, thinking about the many real (and much, much smaller) migratory birds charting a similar (or much, much longer) course compared to that plane.…

I only have the one human baby, and it’s not her first birthday quite yet. But my other “babies” include Finca Cántaros Environmental Association (FCEA), legally incorporated in British Columbia, Canada two years ago yesterday (August 21, 2020), and the…

The short answer: we’ve been so busy collaborating with partner organizations and multiple community members in order to plant hundreds of trees, while simultaneously running both ongoing and new programs, that my bandwidth for blogging has been limited. Perhaps that sounds…

FCEA is thrilled to celebrate exciting news with you: we recently acquired 42 hectares of primarily degraded cow pasture. The land is ripe with potential for forest restoration projects we can carry out in collaboration with our community and wonderful…

I turn 39 today. As the date approached I indulged in cliché birthday behaviour of thinking about time—what has changed over the years, or not, and what is to come.When I was about to turn 13, I was living in…

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