World Environmental Education Day is around the corner!

By: Lilly Briggs
January 17, 2022

World Environmental Education Day is right around the corner (January 26th), and with it, the first Finca Cántaros event of 2022—our second Annual Environmental Education Festival (January 29th)! 

Environmental education is at the core of everything we do at Finca Cántaros Environmental Association (FCEA). This is highlighted in our mission: “Creating community and inspiring action through environmental education.”

I know I’m beating you over the head with the words “environmental education,” but I want to make it clear just how important EE is to us.

Did it work? 

The more important question is really: WHY is EE so important to us?

EE has multiple definitions, approaches and goals that I have discussed in previous blog posts. But no matter how you define it or what you think it should achieve, EE is universally regarded as one of the most critical tools we have for addressing the complex and interconnected ecological and social challenges of our times.

FCEA is primarily striving to create EE programs that foster long-term engagement and capacity-building, rather than one-off experiences that don’t tend to lead to positive changes in attitudes and behaviours toward the environment (one of the main objectives of EE). 

So why organize a one-off activity like our second Annual EE Festival?

We are inviting people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy a FREE, fun Saturday at Finca Cántaros filled with environmentally themed booths, presentations, art and music (plus tasty food, very important at any event in Costa Rica!). By doing so, we hope to build deeper connections with local community members, including those who aren’t already interested in environmental issues. We will showcase not only our work but the work of our wonderful collaborators and sponsors such as the San Vito Bird Club, Las Cruces Biological Station and Osa Conservation. 

Connections and collaborations among people are key to the success of EE and to conservation efforts at large. All of our individual behaviours make a big difference, but collective action—which is founded on connecting and collaborating with others—is even more essential to solving environmental crises.

So here’s to World EE Day, and we hope to see you here at Finca Cántaros on January 29th!

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