Want to support TWO great causes with ONE donation?

By: Lilly Briggs
December 7, 2022

It’s not Giving Tuesday, but you can still feed two birds with one seed. Or plant two trees with one seed. Or feed a bird AND plant a tree with just one fruit since birds are seed dispersers, which means that by eating fruits and pooping out the seeds they are critical to forests…

Getting to my point: we are excited to tell you about a giving opportunity that supports two great (and interconnected) causes with one donation!

Renowned research scientists Drs. Rebecca Cole and Rakan (Zak) Zahawi recently bought “Loma Gavilán” (Hawk Hill) with their personal resources here in Coto Brus, Costa Rica. They named the 40-hectare degraded farm in honour of the many birds of prey soaring above what is open pasture—for now, as Rebecca and Zak have big forest restoration goals in their sights. As they stress: “At no time in our history has protecting and restoring forest in the tropics been more important or more necessary.

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, restoring these forests is our single best solution to combat climate change and conserve irreplaceable regional biodiversity.“

So when Rebecca and Zak invited Finca Cántaros Environmental Association (FCEA) to partner with them on the Loma Gavilán project, we said, “you had us at hawk.”

Just kidding.

We recognized this was a wonderful chance to work together on achieving our shared goals of restoring degraded land back to rainforest through collaboration and community engagement.

And we hope you will, too, by making a donation today.

Your contribution will support key activities necessary for restoring Loma Gavilán—cultivating native tree species, creating easier access to planting sites, maintaining seedlings until they can fend for themselves, and more—PLUS help FCEA grow environmental education programs that engage local kids and their families in learning about trees and birds, and taking positive action on their behalf.

SO many benefits to birds and trees, AND to the community. And your donation: one important seed.

(10% of all donations to Loma Gavilán will support FCEA’s Children’s Forest of Coto Brus. Make your donation here.)

Photo from right to left: Dr. Rebecca Cole (co-owner of Loma Gavilán), Rodney Briggs (FCEA Board member), Lilly Briggs (FCEA Director)

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