Happy New Year!

Por: Lilly Briggs
enero 7, 2024

Happy New Year from Finca Cántaros Environmental Association!

As last year drew to a close, a collective sense of despair over the state of our world seemed to set in. With global temperatures soaring and horrific wars raging, many people I spoke to could no longer stomach the news
or their social media feeds.

“I feel so helpless—what can I do about any of it?” was a common refrain I heard, both around me and inside my own head.

But as we kick off 2024, here’s what I’ve decided to do.

I will continue to consume news and social media, but learn to ride out the expected waves of despair and helplessness with more resilience. And then, instead of doubling down on my doom-scrolling, I will double down on what is within my own orbit of control: building the work of Finca Cántaros Environmental Association, one small but positive step at a time. We want to…

…turn more degraded pasture back into forest.

…engage more people in environmental education and restoration,
particularly women.

… and draw more support to propel our existing and new programs forward.

Are you with me?

You can help support our tree growing efforts, through which we ensure ongoing maintenance and stewardship of every single tree planted.
In 2024, we aim to acquire more degraded cattle pasture and work with more members of the community to restore this land back to forest.

You can help support our ongoing environmental education initiatives, including our long-standing and successful “Women Committed to the Earth” program.
In 2024, we aim to engage more women in learning about how they can overcome gender barriers to participate in forest restoration.

You can help support the advancement of our new programs.
In 2024, stay tuned to learn about these exciting initiatives!

(In case you missed our 2023 Annual Report describing
everything we did last year, here it is again)


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