Interview with Cholo, owner of Mercado Viriteca, Sabalito (Part II)

When and why did you open Mercado Viriteca? Four years ago, the existing business in this location was about to close because it wasn’t working with just the sale of fruits and vegetables. As the tenant, the owner of the building, Abinal Rojas, gave me the opportunity to take on the Mercado Viriteca project to […]

Condos at Cántaros

When Gail Hull made the tough decision to put Finca Cántaros on the market, she worried about a potential buyer tearing down her beloved forest to build condominiums. Our serendipitous meeting was a match made in heaven because I am equally committed to conservation. Gail has faith that I don’t intend to “pave [her] paradise […]

Cotinga and a Coffee (Part I)

Hope is coming up a lot in 2020. Or hopelessness. Or both, sometimes within the same hour. The engines of our emotional rollercoasters include but aren’t limited to: the global health pandemic, raging forest fires, and the even more ferocious and volatile political fires in the US, which for better or worse have far-reaching geopolitical […]